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Saints Row: The Third throws Gangstas in Space on Feb. 21


The next in a line of classy, reputable DLC packs for Saints Row: The Third is Gangstas in Space, and it's lifting off from Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on Tuesday, February 21 for $6.99.

Gangstas in Space is the second of three downloadable add-ons included in THQ's Season Pass, which snags users 15 percent off the total price of the DLC packs when bought separately.

Gangstas in Space sees the Boss and new character Jenny Jaros attempt to make a movie... in space. A series of new missions (that may or may not include blow-up dolls) will feature an alien invasion, which shouldn't be too different from the Earthbound missions. The aliens will probably be wearing less outrageous clothing than any of the people you've fought previously.

Update: The first headline read "Gangtsas," which it turns out is not how the cool kids are spelling "Gangstas" nowadays. It has been fixed and the cool kid who lied to us has been sacked. [Thanks, Mallemall.]

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