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Windows Phone gets Gooroovster: streams Google Music whether it's official or not


Not a Spotify fan? Then perhaps a Google Music client will suit your tastes a little better. Gooroovster has just shed its beta cocoon to reveal its new Windows Phone wings. Available on trial, the full app will set you back $3.99 and offers streaming access to your whole library, the usual collection of music player controls and the ability to refresh the 500 most recent additions to your library. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any caching options -- so it's largely a Windows Phone-skinned copy of the web-based player, although it doesn't look all that official and you'll also need a Windows Phone device running the Mango upgrade. The typical Google Music provisos apply: check your data allowances and if you're out of US, you're (still) out of luck. That is, unless you know how to beat the system.

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