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Japanese hardware sales, February 6 - 12: Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout edition

Jordan Mallory

Hearing about the greatest news ever yesterday got us waxing nostalgic on the history of Dragon Ball games. Sure, they're a fairly common occurrence nowadays, what with the series being a household name for more than a decade and everything, but there was once a time in the mid 1990s where the western world was so ignorant of Goku and friends that his games didn't even get released.

Well, except for one: Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout was released for the PlayStation in 1997, a year after the series had debuted on American syndicated network television and a year before it would become the dominant force on Cartoon Network's Toonami programing block. Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout was so rare and so expensive that, at the time, it was cheaper to modify a PlayStation and import the Japanese version than to buy a second-hand North American copy. Unfortunately, as you can tell from the video above, it was one of the worst fighting games ever made.

3DS: 67,558 (DOWN) 7,460 (9.94%)
PS3: 22,002 (DOWN) 1,291 (5.54%)
PSP: 15,860 (UP) 13 (0.08%)
Vita: 13,939 (DOWN) 3,202 (18.68%)
Wii: 8,206 (DOWN) 608 (6.90%)
PS2: 1,239 (UP) 758 (157.59%)
Xbox 360: 1,139 (DOWN) 243 (17.58%)
DSi LL: 957 (DOWN) 133 (12.20%)
DSi: 651 (DOWN) 18 (2.69%)

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