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3DS sells 5 million units in Japan in just shy of a year


The 3DS doesn't seem quite as troubled as it was in mid-2011. Nintendo revealed today that it has now sold through 5 million systems in Japan, between the February 26, 2011 release date and yesterday, according to information received from its own distributors.

Nintendo cites previous data from Media Create that put GBA sales at 5 million after 58 weeks, and DS sales at that level after 56. With the 3DS hitting five million in Japan after 51, it's now hit that milestone more quickly than any other game platform.

A quick rise isn't a rock-solid indicator of platform longevity, of course, but it is a good sign for continued software support in the near future -- and for an eventual return to profitability for Nintendo. And it's more evidence that people really, really like Mario Kart.

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