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Apple patent shows designs for more accurate water damage sensors


Without a doubt, the purveyance of personal electronics has changed our lives -- not only have they put oodles of information at our fingertips, but they've also made pushing fully-clothed friends into the pool a warranty-voiding social faux pas. If you do get dunked, however, Apple wants to make sure you aren't going to blame your phone's apparent water damage on one of the (potentially faulty) detection stickers in use today, rather than your own perilous plunge. A new patent application uncovered by AppleInsider imagines an iDevice that detects water damage using a sensor covered in water soluble conductive glue that, when dissolved, allows the sensor to detect its absence and log damage. The patent outlines several different setups using one or more sensors, and hopes to provide a more reliable indicator of water damage than today's methods. Of course, you wouldn't have to worry about that if you were insured, would you?

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