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Dungeon Defenders protect Mac on March 8; President's Day DLC features Obama, Romney


Dungeon Defenders will protect new digital realms when the indie hit makes its way to Mac on March 8. Those seeking to help the process along and revel in the squashing of bugs may rejoice, as beta testing for the Mac version begins today. Those seeking adventure on the new platform should email with their name, computer specs and play history with Dungeon Defenders.

Also available sometime today for free on the Steam version of the game is the "Presidents Day Battle Royale" DLC. The content includes the Presidents Day Battle Royale Challenge Mission, punching gloves for the Squire and Monk, along with Democrat Donkey and Republican Elephant pets. There are also four unlockable character skins: President Obama Monk, Michelle Obama Huntress, Mitt Romney Squire and George Washington Apprentice.

The beta and DLC will be available sometime today, and we'll update as soon as it goes live.

Update: Both the DLC and (rolling) beta invites out now.

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