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Xperia S UI poses for Mr. Blurrycam, calls itself 'UXP NXT' (video)


We've seen the Sony Xperia S before, heck, we've even gotten our grubby mitts on it. The Xperia S UI, on the other hand, has been a bit of an elusive beast. That is, until now -- the tech world's very own out-of-focus paparazzi caught a look at the handset's upcoming UI, revealing a slightly blurry view of the Xperia S ' finer details. The UI is apparently being christened "UXP NXT" and is slathered on top of Android 2.3, though a 4.0 update is reportedly on the way. The video shows off the home and lock screens, gallery, music player and a new rendition of Timescape. Anywho, feel free to check out the above vid in all its blurrycam glory.

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