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Proview ready to negotiate on eve of court hearing


After threatening to sue Apple, Proview is now preparing to talk with the American company about its iPad trademark. It hopes to reach a settlement before an upcoming trial on its trademark begins. Proview's lawyer Xie Xianghui says it is approaching Apple with "peaceful intentions" according to a report in AppleInsider and The Times of India. This renewed effort at negotiation comes on the eve of a big court hearing on Wednesday in Shanghai.

The Shanghai court will discuss the validity of Proview's claim against Apple and its decision will have a major impact on either company. A win for Proview could potentially ban sales of the iPad in China's wealthiest city and slow Apple's expansion into the Asian country. A win for Apple would hurt the struggling Proview, which is facing mounting pressure from creditors and an impending removal from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Lawyers expect a decision in this case within the next few months.

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