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Game explains the missing Ubisoft Vita launch titles, physics


Game, the UK-based games retailer, was unable to stock any of Ubisoft's Vita day-one titles, breaking the news just hours before the device's midnight launch early this morning. Game still doesn't have definite plans to carry the games, and marketing director Anna-Marie Mason explained why to Eurogamer: "You can see, there's a finite amount of space in a store." No way. Do go on.

"We can't stock absolutely everything. That's just not possible," she said. Mason didn't cite Game's financial troubles as a direct cause of the missing titles, talking past Game's store closures, layoffs, broken credit lines and the potential sale of its international branch.

One possible reason for Game's struggling sales is an influx of cheaper online retailers, but Mason said Game offers something more, citing the store's 2.5 million customers a week. "What our customers get from us, whether they shop with Game or Gamestation, is more than a sterile transaction," Mason said. "They get the opportunity to transact with us in the way they want and they get added value. Our customers will vote with their feet."

Game may stock Ubisoft's Vita launch titles in the future, Mason said, but for now it does offer the games through a "downloadable option," which we're sure will attract dozens of feet.

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