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Next Metal Gear Solid targeted for 'high-end consoles' and PC


Joystiq can exclusively reveal that the next Metal Gear Solid will feature intense zero-gravity chess, cybernetic nano-crocodiles, mirror universe machinations and a trash-compactor escape scene that will serve both as Star Wars homage and finger-wagging sermon on humanity's crushing impact on the environment. Well, provided the Joystiq staff are hired to work on the game.

Kojima Productions has unveiled an extensive list of available jobs, hinged on evolving the in-development Fox Engine and, more importantly, bringing the next game in the Byzantine franchise to life. According to the page introduction, Hideo Kojima and co. are on the hunt for engineers, artists, designers and a brand manager to handle "the latest Metal Gear Solid targeted for high-end consoles and PC."

If you think you can bolster the Fox Engine with new rendering tech, create "fantastic game content," or cultivate MGS "as a global mega-hit franchise in all regions," you should swing by the Game Developers Conference Career Pavilion between March 6 and March 9 and make yourself known.

We might nudge you out of the way as we deliver our own game concept, which we're tentatively calling "Metal 6ear Solid: Sublimation Synthesis." Don't you just love the sound of that, Kojima?

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