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Samsung Rugby Smart gets rendered as it anxiously awaits our drops and kicks

Brad Molen

Rugged phones seem to be the exception more than the rule when it comes to smartphones. However, AT&T apparently has one in the pipeline dubbed the Samsung Rugby Smart. Destined to be the latest addition to the lineup of Sammy's military-spec devices, the Smart will -- as you probably guessed -- be the first member of the Rugby family to ditch the clamshell form factor and take on Android at the same time. Pocketnow, which leaked the above press renders, also mentions that the device is slated to offer Android 2.3.5, 512MB of RAM, HSPA+ and a 1,650mAh battery. Nothing impressive, to say the least, unless there are a few other surprises that await us sometime in the (hopefully) near future. We still haven't heard a peep from AT&T, but word has it that when it's finally ready to storm shelves, we should expect to see it available for roughly $100. If we're lucky, maybe we'll even hear more about the Smart in, oh, the next week or so?

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