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All 84 iPhone ads available in one place for your viewing pleasure


Yesterday we pointed you to an amazing compendium of Steve Jobs videos. Now Adweek has beat that by putting all 84 iPhone TV ads that have been released so far into one spectacular article.

All of the ads were created by TBWA (branded in the U.S. as TBWA\Chiat\Day), with the first of the series broadcast during the Academy Awards broadcast in 2007. While that ad was a teaser for the first iPhone that came out in June of 2007, most of the spots have focused on the capabilities of the iPhone as it has evolved over the years.

Looking through the videos, it's not only fascinating to see how the technology rolled into the iPhone has changed, but how consistently they stay "on message." The first ads showed the abilities of the iPhone and really pointed out how different it was from the other phones of the day, while a second series in October of 2007 had iPhone owners talking about how the phone had impacted their lives.

The 30-second spots are a blast to watch and a great way to catch up on your iPhone History 101 if you're new to the world of Apple. To whet your appetite, here's one of the vintage ads that aired on June 4, 2007 -- just 25 days before the first iPhone debuted.

Thanks to Tim from Adweek for the tip.

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