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Apple responds to ABC News' Foxconn report


Earlier this week, ABC News aired a Nightline report that explored the Shenzhen Foxconn factory where Apple products are assembled. Now, Apple, Foxconn, and the Fair Labor Association (FLA) have all issued statements in response to the report.

At one point, Nightline reporter Bill Weir asked Foxconn line worker Zhou Xiao Ying about her job at the plant. She reported (via translation) that she carves the aluminum shavings from 6000 iPad logos per day, which Apple corrected.

"In manufacturing parlance this is called deburring," Apple said. "Her line processes 3,000 units per shift, with two shifts per day for a total of 6,000. A single operator at Ms. Zhou's station would deburr 3,000 iPads in a shift."

Foxconn and the FLA also offered corrections to the report. The former addressed the question of pay, noting that, "We have over 75 percent of the employees in the category of earning at least 2,200 RMB ($349/month) basic compensation standard. That means they are earning 13.75 RMB ($2.18) per hour. If they work overtime on the weekend, they will earn 27 RMB ($4.28) per hour. In order to reach 3500 to be taxable, they will have to work 47 OT hours to reach 3,500."

The FLA noted that discussions with Apple actually started back in 2007, not when it recently joined.

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