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PlanetSide 2 devs run through a hypothetical battle scenario


The gulf between sparse previews of an MMO and actually getting your hands on it is wide indeed, but the makers of PlanetSide 2 have an idea. If they can't allow you in the game yet or show you a hands-on, why not describe how a battle scenario might go from start to finish? Creative Director Matt Higby did just that for fans, conjuring up an imaginary skirmish between two forces over the fate of a base, and in doing so highlighted how such PvP fights might occur in the game.

In this scenario, he envisions a base being attacked; that attack is then repulsed by its defenders. The former defenders proceed to launch aircraft to continue the rout until the attackers have retreated into their own base. Attack aircraft and air transports, he says, will be the first responders on the scene, as they're the quickest to get anywhere. From that point, he imagines the attackers rallying support to go on the offensive once more, with vehicles leading the way and ground troops following, swarming the base and capturing it for good.

Higby says that the tug-of-war between bases will be anything but dull and simple: "Now, distracting that tug of war is all the other regions that are all around here... There's lots of little strategic decisions and options that you can do in there that radically change the balance of the big battle that's happening."

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