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Double Fine Kickstarter adds new rewards, Schafer and Gilbert talk it out


Double Fine's fundraiser for its point-and-click adventure title exploded on day one and has currently raised almost $2.1 million, and there are still 18 days left. To celebrate, reward its backers and entice even more, Double Fine has revamped its rewards for denomination-specific donations as follows:
  • $30 tier: Digital Soundtrack of the Documentary
  • $60 tier: Double Fine Adventure Book (digital PDF)
  • $100 tier: Special edition box set with the game disc and DVD/Blu-Ray documentary
  • $500 tier: Double Fine Adventure Book (physical copy)
As standard for Kickstarter projects, hitting a higher reward tier gets backers all of the rewards from previous tiers as well. For extra incentive, the 35-minute discussion between Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert -- filmed before the Kickstarter began -- demonstrates the passion and thought that will be fueling Double Fine's game; check it out above.

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