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Guild Wars 2 beta signups pressing on for the millionth signup [Updated: Million-mark achieved]

After an exciting 48 hours, the Guild Wars 2 beta signup session left ArenaNet a little less than 10,000 signups short of a million. Rather than settling for this already impressive number, the folks at ArenaNet have decided to keep going until they hit their million-application mark.

To add to the fun, the company has quite nearly crippled Ducksboard, a stat-tracking website, by tweeting a link to a live ticker that Ducksboard is hosting. We know that you, savvy readers that you are, have probably already done your bit to try for a spot in future tests, but on the off-chance you've been under a rock for the last 48 hours, here's a miraculous last chance to sign up for that beta.

[Update: Anet has now announced via Twitter that GW2 has surpassed 1,000,000 beta sign-ups. The team has also released a quickie video on Facebook showing off the devs' reactions to the milestone!]

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