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Uncharted Water Online bribes greenhorn sailors with gifts


Netmarble really, really wants you to play Uncharted Waters Online -- and it's not ashamed of a little bribery to make that happen. To tempt players into giving this nautical MMO a try, Netmarble is giving every new sailor a gift pack for the next month. The pack includes basic supplies, a skill handbook, an "anti-natural disaster item," and, er, LifeSavers. Probably not the candy, though.

In addition to the novice pack, players can earn up to three additional gift packs by leveling up. If a player hits level 20 in all three main skills, he or she will even be gifted a fine new sea vessel of his or her very own.

The giveaway goes through March 21st, so if you've been eying Uncharted Waters Online, you might want to make your move sooner rather than later to get in on this deal.

[Source: Netmarble press release]

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