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Binary Domain's multiplayer systems detailed


You may have sampled the demo for Binary Domain this past week, but did you know there's a multiplayer component in the final release? A post over on the PlayStation Blog details the many modes and classes that make up the online suite.

There are five different classes: heavy gunner, recon, special ops, demolition and assault. Each has a different skill and weapon loadout (as you'd imagine) that can be customized and upgraded with earned credits across Binary Domain's eight total multiplayer modes.

The majority of multiplayer modes are competitive; you have a mixture of objective-based and kill-based modes, and a couple capture and destroy types. Each supports up to ten players, save for the Invasion game type, which is basically Horde mode for up to four players.

Check out the multiplayer trailer above for another representation of what awaits Binary Domain players on February 28.

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