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Around Azeroth: All's fair in love and Warchief


Today's Around Azeroth will be pre-empted by a special campaign announcement by Riyahnasheed of Epic on Azuremyst (US-A).

Using the site of her greatest military victory to date, Peacebloom, the Destroyer's Vanquisher, announced her candidacy for Warchief. "Today marks the beginning of a new era for the Horde," she said. "We stand at the crossroads of history, divided by petty squabbles and infighting fomented through the failed policies of the incumbent Warchief Garrosh Hellscream. With my running mate, Abasic Campfire, I will restore the Horde to its proper place of glory and honor."

"The current administration has lost sight of the truth that even the humblest of our ranks knows: Divided we cannot hope to withstand our enemies. I will unite our peoples under the a single banner of victory! Lok'tar ogar!"

Peacebloom was accompanied at her press conference by her campaign manager Thrall and special advisor Alexstrasza, both of whom have given unconditional endorsements to Peacebloom's candidacy.

"The Horde needs the strong hand of a leader, not the inept flailing of a fool," said Alexstrasza.

Thrall made a brief statement as well: "Payback is a b****. This one is for you, Cairne."

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