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Breakfast Topic: What was your first world drop epic?


The video above is slightly NSFW-ish for some strong language -- but man, is it a hoot!

Torrg over on the official forums posed a very nostalgic question:

What was your first epic world drop?
Sadly, my first purple was something I couldn't use. I was leveling my very first character to 70 during The Burning Crusade, a night elf druid, and I was doing some quests in Tanaris. I was just outside of one of the hives of silithid working my way in, sneaking around in cat form trying to avoid as many of those horrid bugs as possible, when I backed right into one of the suckers. It was an epic battle as I fumbled with keybinds, running around the mob trying to Shred it (OK, perhaps I wasn't the brightest druid out there).

Somehow I came out on top -- and what do you know, the creepy crawler dropped a Gut Ripper. I was crushed when I found out that I couldn't use it, so I sold it on the Auction House for a couple of hundred gold. That kind of money is a decent chunk of change for a new player in their 40s, but with the daunting cost of flying mounts and training later on, it wasn't much more than a drop in the bucket.

So what was your first Professor Plum?

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