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Guncraft is Minecraft with guns or Call of Duty with blocks, pick one


Insert a joke about us hearing you liked things and then putting those things inside of each other, dawg. Guncraft combines two massively popular gaming tropes, shooters and cube-inspired sandboxes (OK, one of those is more popular than the other), into a first-person shooter that looks as if it were made in Minecraft.

As described by developer Exato Games, Guncraft has players construct their own levels and then share them in an online multiplayer battle, where every aspect of the environment can be destroyed. Levels are reset after each round, of course. "Voxel engines allow us complete and total environmental destruction," Exato writes on its Kickstarter page. "But wait, that's not all! We also have complete and total environmental CONSTRUCTION."

Guncraft is looking to release a PC beta in March, with a full launch in June. Exato is also set on releasing Guncraft on XBLIG eventually. To finish its project, the Guncraft team is asking for $16,000 via Kickstarter -- they're on their way, but could use some love. If you're intrigued, head on over and support Guncraft here.

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