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Guild Wars 2 beta signups peaked at 4,000 a minute [Updated]

Last week we brought you the news ArenaNet had received over a million signups for the Guild Wars 2 beta. In a press release today, that success was further clarified with an impressive statistic: During peak periods of the signup, the company recorded more than 4,000 signups a minute. That seems to be a huge testament to players' anticipation of the upcoming MMO -- as if the feat of achieving 1,000,000 tester signups in just under 50 hours weren't cool enough.

The press release also contains some details about future tests; it suggests that the next bout of closed beta testing will come in late March and "will provide players with an opportunity to experience its deep RPG game elements, epic World v. World battles and inviting social gameplay while helping the team load test the servers." According to a blog post from January, this will be followed up by larger events in April, leading up to the eventual and long-awaited release.

[Source: NCsoft press release]

[Update: Anet has confirmed that the next closed beta event will take place at the end of March.]

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