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Rovio is making a non-Angry Birds game


AllThingsD recently sat down to chat with Rovio CEO Mikael Hed, and while much of the news about Rovio from the past few years has been to do with its enormously popular Angry Birds franchise (the latest title of which will be Angry Birds Space -- stay tuned for more on that next month). But Hed suggests that the era of Angry Birds exclusivity at Rovio is almost over: The company is working on a brand-new, non-Angry Birds game.

In the past, Rovio has made a big deal about its history on mobile games. Before Angry Birds got so big, Rovio did work on other mobile platforms, and actually made more than 30 other mobile games, of varying success. But Angry Birds is obviously its biggest property, and ever since the original bird-tossing game took off, Rovio has made just a few other titles, on iOS and other platforms, all of them somehow related to Angry Birds.

Unfortunately, Hed didn't have any information on what this other game might be -- he says the company's been making lots of "fun" things, but obviously hasn't released anything but Angry Birds spinoffs yet. We wait with bated breath; Rovio seems like a great company, but another game from a different franchise will give the verdict on whether or not the Finnish game developer can follow up to its now enormous reputation.

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