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BiKN for iPhone now available: Smart case and tags keep you and your stuff together


TUAW's Mike Schramm first wrote about the BiKN (pronounced "beacon") smart case and radio tags for iPhone back during our CES coverage. Today, the BiKN (US$119.99 with two tags, $99.99 with one) is available for purchase so you can keep your stuff close at hand.

As Mike noted in his post, the BiKN consists of an iPhone case equipped with its own battery pack, an iPhone app, and radio tags (priced at $49.99 for two) that are clipped to things you wish to keep track of. For instance, you could clip one to your keys to find them, attach one to a laptop case, or even stick one on your dog's collar. Whenever one of those items is lost or you're out of range of it, you're notified. The app can be used to find your stuff, and it's also possible to use one of the radio tags to find your iPhone.

Unlike the Zomm Wireless Leash I reviewed about a week ago, the BiKN uses its own battery case and radio so it's not dragging down the battery in your iPhone. The range of the BiKN is also much greater. Inside, you can find items up to 100 to 150 feet away, while outdoor range is an astonishing 500 feet.

You've got a few more options than were available with the Zomm product, too. The app will actually show you when you're getting near a tagged item, or you can page it to hear the tag beep. Likewise, if you have the tag but aren't sure where your iPhone is, the tag can "page" your iPhone -- even if it is turned off.

We're attempting to get a BiKN starter kit for review purposes, but until that time you'll need to either order one or watch the video below for details.

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