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Etrian Odyssey IV coming to the 3DS in Japan, classes detailed


Atlus has officially confirmed that Etrian Odyssey IV is on its way to the Nintendo 3DS in Japan later this year. The fourth in the series of popular RPGs (Etrian Odyssey 3 arrived in North America last year) will have an easier casual difficulty setting, and will boast seven different classes, including Rune Masters, Medics, Snipers, Swordsmen, Fortress units, and Dancers.

Art for the game is being provided by Nizo Yamamoto (one of the artists on Princess Mononoke). Etrian Odyssey veterans Yuji Himukai, Shin Nagasawa, and Yuzu Koshiro are also on board. Daisuke Kaneda, taking reins as game director, served as battle advisor on the original game and directed Trauma Team.

Atlus says the game will be out in Japan on July 5. Since older Etrian Odysseys have eventually found their way over to North America, there's a chance we'll see this one here too.

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