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Blue Posts: First class, epic gem necessity

Adam Holisky

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Blue posts

I've played a lot of characters over the years, but the first class I yearned to play when the world of Azeroth loomed just over the horizon was the druid. I'd loved them in Warcraft III, and the moment I saw one in World of Warcraft's original cinematic, I was sold. I didn't need to look at a single spell or ability to know that I wanted my first steps in this new, expansive world to be in the guise of one of those enigmatic characters.

Just reading this thread prompted me to look up the video and give it another watch. I'm just as captivated by it now as I was then.

Grimiku -- Epic gem necessity
Whether epic gems are optional or necessary will depend greatly on the raider and the raid. A raid struggling during progression pushes may require everyone to maximize everything they can while another raid will relax and simply take longer to overcome those challenges. There are lots of things to consider when deciding on what to do with your gear so I suggest simply taking it step by step.

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