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LookTel releases recognizer app for the visually disabled


LookTel, which came out with the Money Reader app last year that helps the visually impaired accurately count money, has come out with a new app using the same technology to help people with vision problems to identify common objects.

LookTel Recognizer allows users to magnify items and store them to a database for later reference. You can use this for groceries, credit cards, ID, medicine or anything you can think of. Snap a picture with an iPhone, add an audio message, then save it to the database. When someone who is visually impaired uses the app, they can point the iPhone at an object. If it's in the database, it'll be recognized, and the user is informed what the item is using the prerecorded audio message.

LookTel Recognizer is out now for $9.99, and you can see it in action in the video below.

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