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Lumia 900 gets splayed into itty-bitty Finnish pieces by the FCC (update: photos)


Sure, the FCC didn't get to tear apart the delectable white Lumia 900 we're oh-so-smitten with, but given the cadaver activities undertaken upon a smartphone that hasn't yet gone on sale, beggars can't be choosers. Inside the filing you'll find a full manual and a bevy of internal shots revealing what makes Nokia's flagship Windows Phone tick. Also of note, is a snap revealing the exact locations of its various antennae, which we've conveniently culled for you after the break. Honestly, there isn't much else to it, so have a peep at our gallery or hop on over to the source link to get all personal with Espoo's baby.

Gallery: Lumia 900 FCC teardown | 10 Photos

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