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MLB At Bat 12 now available on the App Store


Another sign that baseball season is just around the corner -- MLB At Bat 12 is now available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

The app is free, but that only gives you access to scores. If you want all of the goodies that make MLB At Bat the powerhouse app that it is, you need to do a in-app purchase -- one month for US$2.99 or $14.99 for the entire season. That gives you MLB Gameday, live radio, stats, a live "Game of the Day," live look-ins of games in progress, and in-game highlights. Since the app is now universal, that $14.99 buy-in works for both devices -- no more paying $30 for the privilege of having full access on both your iPhone and iPad.

Want to get streaming video of every game? If you're a MLB.TV subscriber already, you get streaming video in the app for free. Now, if the wireless carriers could just make sure that fans could get decent coverage at ball games...

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