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Nokia Drive 3 teased at MWC with commute alerts via live tiles (video)

Zachary Lutz

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When the folks at Nokia took us aside and asked if we'd like a preview of the latest features slated for Nokia Drive, we knew something good was in store. Our intuition wasn't wrong. The next version of Nokia's navigation software will focus on commutes -- aiming to make the daily chore easier by learning driving habits, identifying regular trips and providing users with live tile updates that estimate journey times and traffic flow. Nokia Drive 3 will automatically query this data 30 minutes before an established commute is expected to begin, and will also provide drivers with suggested quicker routes to their destination. The traffic data is gathered both from traditional navigation sources and other Nokia Drive 3 users -- we're told this latter bit is completely optional and, while the privacy policy is quite explicit, the company insists it doesn't personally identify users.

Nokia tells us the software interface isn't finalized, so what you see in the Flash demonstration may change before Nokia Drive 3 arrives in the coming months. You'll find a demonstration of the new My Commute feature, from the creator himself, right after the break.

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