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Vindictus EU update brings new character, terrible foe

European Vindictus fans, rejoice: Your favorite pillar-swinging brute is now playable. Karok, the newest addition to Vindictus' spread of characters, is a big man with a penchant for beating people up with a huge chunk of architecture that he just happens to carry around. Although he's a slow-moving character, Karok seems built to take some punches, as he's easily the largest playable character seen yet. That huge size and pet pillar come in handy for some new skills like War Slam, Earth Quake, and Pillar Charge.

The update doesn't stop there; a new foe is being thrown into the mix in the form of Thor, a giant thunder-lizard, and players will be richly rewarded for taking him down. Additionally, the Mercenary Surprise Update will bring in new Legendary Weapons. So go! Create yourself as the huge walking force of nature that you've always wished you were, grapple with a multi-mawed lightning-lizard, and drink deeply the rewards of your awesomeness.

[Source: Nexon EU press release]

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