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DC Universe Online braces for the Battle for Earth


DC Universe Online heroes and villains better prepare for the fight of their lives because Sony Online Entertainment has announced the third DLC pack, Battle for Earth. The DLC will grant players access to a whole new powerset known as Earth Powers. It is what it sounds like, folks. In addition to the new power set, the studio is also adding a brand-new raid: Themyscira. Comic book fans will recognize this as the home island of Wonder Woman and her fellow Amazons. It's up to players to fight alongside a variety of mythical creatures in order to defend Wonder Woman's home against Chimeric Brainiacs.

To top it all off, Battle for Earth's storyline will put players toe-to-toe with Brainiac's Prime Avatars before they go up against the big bad Brainiac himself. Heroes will be fighting, obviously, for the defense of Earth, while villains will want to take Brainiac out of the picture because, hey, why let someone else destroy the world when you can do it yourself?

The new DLC pack will hit the Marketplace on March 13th, though it will, of course, be free to Legendary members. So hone your skills and prepare for the final showdown; the fate of the Earth is in your hands.

[Source: Sony Online Entertainment press release]

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