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Double Fine's 'The Cave' is not the Kickstarter adventure game


We already knew that Double Fine had at least two projects cooking at the moment, but now we know more about one of them -- a recent trademark filing for "The Cave" apparently isn't attached to the development studio's Kickstarter project. A Double Fine rep confirmed as much to GameSpot this week in a statement which read, "While we can't comment on unannounced projects, we can say that Double Fine's Kickstarter-funded adventure game has not been started, designed, or even imagined yet. No trademarks have been filed on its behalf."

Like so many trogloxenes, the "Cave" project is still shrouded in darkness. We are, however, less than a week from GDC and the beginning of near-monthly trade events, so we imagine it won't be too long before any information at all about the game is revealed.

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