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Blue Posts: Cake and an important sentence about the stat changes


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Today's WoW news roundup includes:

Blue posts

Vaeflare -- Ding!

Happy Birthday, Manic! The birthday cake your wife got you is quite epic, indeed. It looks delicious. :)

Zarhym -- Dev Watercooler on stats

I think this sentence of the blog is important to note:


First of all, please note that we actually aren't making many stat changes compared to the ones we made in Cataclysm.

That doesn't mean nothing is changing with the other stats. But if said changes aren't laid out in Greg's latest blog, chances are the changes aren't as broad in scope.

We'll start digging into the meat of the other stats and how we plan for them to play out in Mists of Pandaria class design soon enough.

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