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Trials Evolution date spotted on, backflips out of sight

Xav de Matos, @Xav

Trials Evolution, the next installment in the addictive time-trial franchise from developer RedLynx, may be coming to the Xbox Live Arcade on April 18, if an Xbox Live Marketplace listing is to be believed.

Discovered by the folks at Eurogamer, the listing for Trials Evolution (now pulled, but captured above) originally listed the April release before disintegrating into nothingness -- like our chances of reaching the top of the Trials HD leaderboards. As the leaked date falls on a Wednesday, it would follow Microsoft's typical release schedule for the Xbox Live Arcade.

Joystiq has contacted Ubisoft, parent company of the Finnish developer, to find out if they're ready to spill the beans on a release date. We just can't wait to scream at our televisions for fudging up our balance ... again and again.

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