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Breakfast Topic: Where's the best music in WoW?


A while ago, I asked all you wonderful people what you listen to while playing WoW. I personally have various tasks I accompany with music, but particularly when questing, I play the game music all by itself. Especially when I'm in a zone I've never been in before (which, sadly, is ever rarer), having the background music turned up loud really adds to the atmosphere of the zone. It makes an already immersive game even more immersive. Music wraps around your brain somehow and pulls you in.

So where or what has the best music? I quite like the atmospheric background in the undead starting areas. I love the happy, brassy tones of Dun Morogh. I also, strangely, really like the tail end of the "you've been disconnected" music -- if you ever have the chance, listen all the way through that!

What do you like? Where has great music? Do you even listen to the game's music? And, of course, why?

By the way, if you really love the music in WoW, it's all available here.

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