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Darkmoon Faire achievement progress reset yet again


Remember that big controversy in January when all of the progress people had made toward the big Darkmoon Faire achievements was reset? Remember how it happened again a month later, but we were promised that it would be saved from that point forward? Well, you can probably guess what happened:

Orlyia -- Issue - Darkmoon Faire
February's Darkmoon Faire achievement progress status was cleared prior to the launch of March's faire. Any achievements that were started but not completed have had their criteria reset. Completed achievements are unaffected. We previously announced that this was resolved for this month and going forward, unfortunately, that did not happen and this is still being investigated for a resolution.

The following achievements are most likely impacted:
  • Darkmoon Defender
  • Darkmoon Dungeoneer
  • Darkmoon Despoiler
Regrettably, we are not able to restore any progress you may have made during February's faire. We understand the impact this may have had and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

At this point, I'd recommend to everyone still working on these achievements that you save up your artifacts and turn them all in during one Faire, in order to ensure credit. For the goblins among us, however, this means it's still a good gold-making opportunity, so check out our guide to profiting off the Darkmoon Faire.

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