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Foddy building 'Qwoperative' portal for indie flash games


During the inaugural speech at this year's Independent Games Summit, QWOP/GIRP creator Bennett Foddy explained his reasons for self-publishing his games on his own website, rather than going with a portal like Adult Swim -- reasons including better compensation, ability to freely change and update your games, and creator identification.

Then, to conclude the talk, he invited other indie Flash developers to contact him if they're interested in self-publishing on a portal, and he showed a logo for "Qwoperate."

Elsewhere in the talk, Foddy offered a bit of explanation for his style of game. He half-jokingly (?) said that players love being confused, humiliated, and frustrated -- essentially, they enjoy difficulty that surprises them. On the other hand, Foddy promised he would never "inflict" a tutorial, intro movie, or explanation of any kind on the players of his games. That's just too cruel for the guy who made the game about controlling individual leg muscles.

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