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Fruit Ninja Kinect sells a million units; Jetpack Joyride update in April


Halfbrick announced today that Fruit Ninja Kinect has reached a million sales, solidifying it as a very successful "console experiment" for the company. The company announced a month ago at DICE 2012 that sales had surpassed a half million.

Phil Larsen, chief marketing officer at Halfbrick, also told us that the Jetpack Joyride 1.3 update is coming this April. It will add 15 gadgets that are "kinda like perks," which players can choose at the beginning of the round to assist.

Gadgets include Air Barry shoes, allowing Barry to jump instead of glide up. Along with the "Freeze o Matic," which turns Barry into a sliding ice block when he crashes for extra distance. There are also magnets which allow Barry to collect coins. Still no item that allows you to actually stop playing Jetpack Joyride.

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