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SWTOR's Guild Summit kicks off -- and lurkers are welcome [Updated]


BioWare has assembled guilds from all across the world this week for a Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild Summit, and proceedings have already begun. Over 160 guilds have assembled in Austin, Texas, from places as far away from Norway, Brazil, and France.

The good news is that even if you're not reading this post from a spot on the summit floor, you can still tune into the panels and discussions via livestream. Today's events include a patch 1.2 presentation (which is coming "soon"), discussions about operations and flashpoints, and panels covering PvP, the Legacy system, the economy, roleplaying, guild features, and the user interface.

BioWare also announced its Friends of Star Wars program, which will give all current players the ability to give three one-week trials to others to check out the game. Finally, BioWare teased a new world events system.

Check out all of the action on SWTOR's Guild Summit livestream right now!

[Update: TORWars managed to record a shaky-cam version of the GU 1.2 Legacy video. It's now tucked behind the cut!]

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