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TERA's Poporis wreck face in the most adorable possible way


Last week, En Masse Entertainment introduced TERA fans to the deceptively childlike Elins. Now we've got some new details on the Elins' brothers-in-arms, the Poporis. These bestial creatures were once nothing more than feral animals until they were granted sentience by the Elins. Since then, the two races have joined forces to create the Popori Nation, which seems a smidge arrogant considering the Poporis wouldn't even have a nation if it weren't for the Elins, but we digress.

The Poporis are characterized by their candid nature and show uncompromising ferocity in the defense of nature. Today, the Poporis fight alongside the Federation -- at least as long as the Federation's goals coincide with their own. To get a glimpse of these adorably ferocious (or ferociously adorable) critters in action, just click on past the cut for the new Popori-centric trailer. But remember, Arboreans: Just because something is cute and fuzzy doesn't mean it won't maul your stupid face.

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