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Kodak moves to block Apple's latest patent suit from proceeding in federal district court


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In a move that's sure to surprise no one, Kodak is fighting Apple's latest round of patent litigation -- a suit that would force Kodak to pause plans to sell up to $2.6 billion in digital imaging patents as a condition of its bankruptcy loan. In documents filed late last week, Kodak argued the dispute should be heard by the same bankruptcy court that's already overseeing its insolvency proceedings. In fact, Kodak's bankruptcy filing back in January caused all pending litigation (from Apple and RIM, among others) to come to a screeching halt, but Apple is nonetheless pushing for a reboot, arguing it's the owner of "a number of valuable patents," including one that could be lost if that planned $2 billion sale goes through. So where might this legal catfight take place? A bankruptcy judge is expected to hear arguments from both sides on Thursday.

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