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TERA offers answers, launching with level 60 cap


Western players have two new things to look forward to when TERA launches on May 1st: level 59 and level 60. That's right, according to a forum post by Producer Brian Knox, the level cap for En Masse's launch will be bumped up by two levels.

As a result of the level cap increase, the team's had to rework the formerly max-level dungeons. "We have shuffled them around -- some up and some down," Knox writes. "We will have more detailed information on it closer to open beta but it should create a much smoother progression to 60 as well as a good amount of content at level 60."

For those with many questions about the game, En Masse has launched a new section of the official site called TERA Answers. TERA Answers is a knowledge base that allows players to submit and search for questions and answers to game issues. It's meant to supplement the official forums, as helpful answers may be buried in the latter's case.

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