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I Am Alive receives free iOS companion app

Jordan Mallory

Ubisoft has released a free I Am Alive companion app for iOS devices ahead of the game's impending XBLA release. The app features area maps, hints from the developers regarding points of interest, an achievement checklist and a compendium of in-game resources and their effects. It also contains concept art, developer diaries and the game's soundtrack, six tracks of which are exclusive to the app.

The companion program even has a photo mode, which lets you take pictures of your friends eating and then make it look like they're eating in a dystopian ruin. Cell phones probably don't work in I Am Alive's post-apocalyptic future, but they do work in our pre-apocalyptic present, so why not take advantage of that while you can? If anything, you'll be able to impress all of your trendy hipster friends with a photo manipulation app they've never heard of.

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