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Inception brings root privileges, rush of adrenaline to Nokia N9 community

Zachary Lutz

So, here's the thing: Aegis, the security framework on the Nokia N9, has been busted wide open -- thanks to an exploit known as Inception. Much like root access on Android, the software allows developers to write apps (and users to install apps) that take full advantage of the N9's capabilities. Naturally, exploits such as these aren't for everyone -- in particular, Inception requires a familiarity with the command terminal -- but if you've ever wanted to load custom kernel modules, activate disabled hardware features or apply community-provided upgrades, a quick and relatively painless method is now here. A few words of caution: users mustn't upgrade their firmware beyond PR1.2 without first confirming that Inception is compatible, and because the exploit allows applications to gain full access to the phone, users should only install apps from trusted sources. Want to know more? Just follow the rabbit hole in the source below.

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