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Massively Speaking Episode 189: GDC Tuesday


Massively Speaking Episode 189 is a special GDC edition hosted by two of our attendees, Shawn Schuster and Jef Reahard. The two assemble for a short, early-morning debriefing on yesterday's PlanetSide 2 demo, which as Shawn describes it, "pretty much blew [him] away." They compare the game to its predecessor and chat about the combat styles, immersion, interface, hype, and the massive feel of the game, even in alpha.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, when the pair will be joined by fellow Massively staffers MJ Guthrie and Karen Bryan. Our ground crew will be reporting back on DUST 514, Trion Worlds, MechWarrior Online, and more over the next few days. (And don't worry; the Justin and Bree show will return next week.)

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Show Notes For Massively Speaking Episode 189


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