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Omron releases a pair of sleep monitoring gadgets that watch you slumber


Insomnia and a love of gadgets go hand-in-hand, so it's no surprise that more companies want a piece of Zeo's sleep-monitoring action. Omron's the latest to supply an offering with a pair of sensors to work out how much shut-eye your getting. Working on the principle that you stop moving when you're deep in sleep, the devices measure your movement while in bed and count up how long you remain static. The HSL-101 uses a radio-frequency sensor that measures movement to any object within its 5-foot range. The HSL-001 is a pebble-sized kit that sits underneath your pillow and uses an accelerometer to measure your restlessness instead. The 101 will arrive in Japan in May as a standalone unit, while the 001 will need to be paired to an Android smartphone when it arrives in April.

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