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Aika releases dragons, Epic II Saga: Hestia content

Jef Reahard

If you've been waiting for the conclusion of Aika's Epic II Saga, your wait is over. The Hestia content patch is going live on gPotato's servers today, and it's bringing with it a significant amount of new content.

Two new level-80 raids are in the mix, and there are challenges aplenty in the Hestian city of Drago (so-named because it's built "within the coiled body of a sleeping dragon"). Squads of players may take missions from Hestia and set out on epic adventures to reclaim the holy cities of Aquados and Tyriantor, which have been occupied by the vile Zereca.

gPotato says that the Aquados catacombs are also home to a water dragon named Reagor, and he and his minions require the services of 24 skilled (and high-level) players. There's also an undead dragon named Dariadra, and he loves to reanimate holy soldiers and bend them to his nefarious will as he squats over the Tyriantor keep. More info -- as well as the client download -- is available at the official Aika website.

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