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Grove announces new iPad cases


Grove, a company from Portland, Oregon, has announced brand new iPad cases to go with the new iPad. Grove is able to start selling them immediately because it doesn't have to send off modified case specs to a factory in China. Grove's designers just go downstairs and prototype a new one. Every piece of the process, from sketching to shipping, all takes place in one building, so the turnaround time is really just the length of time it takes to travel the stairs.

The newly announced cases are a hard bamboo shell around the back of the iPad, with a beautiful wraparound cover to protect the screen while not in use. Covers come in your choice of leather (black or brown), or a thick charcoal-colored wool. There's a super soft ultra-suede on the inside, much like the Smart Cover, and the same material is in the shell to protect the iPad's back.

I got to touch the prototypes for the new cases recently, and they are gorgeous! They're lightweight while offering some protection, and beautifully crafted. I particularly like the leather covers because you can also get them with a design on them, and that design is put there with frickin' lasers. You can choose from a variety of artist designs or send off your own, and Grove will laser that onto a leather cover for you. You can use a memorable photo, a company logo, or anything else you'd like.

Wool felt and plain leather cases are US$139, the Artist Series cases are $149, and the custom leather runs $179. However, for the rest of March, you get $20 off each of those prices. I assure you, they're worth every penny. I'm already saving mine!

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