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Turbine answers burning questions about LotRO's Landscape Soldiers


Coming with next Monday's Update 6 in Lord of the Rings Online is the ability for players to deploy skirmish soldiers in the actual game world. How Turbine was going to handle the balance of this "soldiers on landscape" feature was up in the air until now, as the company has released a Q&A to hit all of the important points.

Basically, players will have to purchase Landscape Soldier tokens with either Turbine Points or a combination of in-game skirmish marks and medallions. A token will grant a player one hour of soldier assistance, although this time can be broken up into non-consecutive blocks at the player's discretion. Soldiers cannot be used in instances and major player hubs (such as cities) at the current time.

Other restrictions for Landscape Soldiers include the disabled personal traits (that offer considerable buffs in skirmishes) and no control panel to order them around, as with Lore-master and Captain pets.

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